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Nadja Deininger

639 days ago
695 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vicky Twomey-Lee , Nadja Deininger 695 days ago
  • Data Visualisation Workshop @ The Vaults, Dogpatch Labs
  • Sat April 23 
  • Applications opening soon. 
  • Looking for mentors - Contact dublin@djangogirls.org
1017 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by serena.fritsch@gmail.com , Vicky Twomey-Lee 1017 days ago
Vicky T
  • We are up to Chapter 10
  • Skipping Chapter 11 (for now)
  • Best practices folder structure:
  • virtual envs in a separate folder ~/.virtualualenv/
  • projects in project folder, example: ~/Documents/proj
  • Ariane needs a whiteboard for her session
  • I'll include this in next months hackpad so we don't lose this request.
  • Python Ireland Meetup
  • Wed March 11th
  • Science Gallery
1031 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by serena.fritsch@gmail.com , Michael Twomey , Nadja Deininger 1031 days ago
  • PyLadies Dublin website (WIP, open for all to work on)
  • Becky: Scrape Dublin Bikes API to show available bikes at particular bike stand
  • Maybe for the next x meetups: Discuss a stack from backend to front end. From databases to front end.
Nadja D
  • Nadja: playing with frame grabbers and deep neural networks for image processing (theano and opencv)
  • Serena: Newcoder.io tutorial about APIs
Michael T Project idea for multi-pyladies workshops: database + web app, go through each layer top to bottom. One idea is to take the dublin bike data above, pull and store in the db and display a data over time. Possibly: django + postgresql. Trick is picking useful plugins.
serena.fritsch@gmail.com Ariane will talk about scalable systems, reliability, latency, some Postgres Tricks and Tips :)
April PyLadies;
Nadja's boss suggested Wayra. TBC with Vicky and Nadja 

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