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1017 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by serena.fritsch@gmail.com , Vicky Twomey-Lee 1017 days ago
Vicky T
  • Skipping Chapter 11
  • Best practices folder structure:
  • virtual envs in a separate folder ~/.virtualualenv
  • projects in project folder, example: ~/Documents/proj
  • Ariane needs a whiteboard for her session
  • Nadja: Instagram API for the webscraping/API  part
1031 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by serena.fritsch@gmail.com , Michael Twomey , Nadja Deininger 1031 days ago
  • PyLadies Dublin website (WIP, open for all to work on)
  • Becky: Scrape Dublin Bikes API to show available bikes at particular bike stand
  • Maybe for the next x meetups: Discuss a stack from backend to front end. From databases to front end.
Nadja D
  • Nadja: playing with frame grabbers and deep neural networks for image processing (theano and opencv)
  • Serena: Newcoder.io tutorial about APIs
Michael T Project idea for multi-pyladies workshops: database + web app, go through each layer top to bottom. One idea is to take the dublin bike data above, pull and store in the db and display a data over time. Possibly: django + postgresql. Trick is picking useful plugins.
serena.fritsch@gmail.com Ariane will talk about scalable systems, reliability, latency, some Postgres Tricks and Tips :)
April PyLadies;
Nadja's boss suggested Wayra. TBC with Vicky and Nadja 
1339 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vicky Twomey-Lee , Michael Twomey , serena.fritsch@gmail.com 1339 days ago
  • Jemma (can't make it) -  help with regards to using python to control medical pumps
Michael T
  • That sounds scary, like infusion pumps?
  • If you haven't done so
Vicky T
  • Make sure you have Python3.4 on your machine
  • Setting up machine, latest Python and virtualenv
  • Possible PyLadies Dublin in TOG with Craft Night in August (Cheryl will be sending in proposal)
  • meetup API is rather nice, python requests does its job with ease calling its API. :-D
  • Example
  • <!doctype html>
  • <html lang="en">
  •     <head>
  •             <title>{% block title %}THIS IS A TITLE{% endblock %}</title>
  •     </head>
  •     <body>
  •             <header></header>
  •             {% block content %}{% endblock %}
  •             <footer></footer>
  •     </body>
  • </html>
  • {% extends "base.html" %}
  • {% block title %}my new title{% endblock %}
Vicky T
  • {% block content %}
  • <p>some content</p>
  • <ul>
  • <li></li>
  • </ul>
  • <p>dsfsdf</p>
  • {% endblock %}
TODO next time
  • Setting up sublime text editor with handy plugins/extensions
Michael T
  • Mick's essentials:
Vicky T
  • Functional testing 101
  • Can be part of building website
serena.fritsch@gmail.com hello mick get well soon :)
Michael T thanks :grin: 
serena.fritsch@gmail.com sorry mick, quick question re Sublime2. When starting it i get the following error message: PyLinder could not automatically determine the path to lint.py. I guess this is an installation gone wrong :)
Michael T
  •  It sounds like it's the actual pylint bit which needs to be configured, in the "pylint_path": "<your pylint path>"  setting (usually found in sublime prefs -> package settings -> pylinter -> user prefs) you can point it at your installation of pylint. See https://sublime.wbond.net/packages/Pylinter for more on this
serena.fritsch@gmail.com is there an easy way to uninstall sublime2 extensions?
and then i can re-install it?
Michael T
  • If you installed via package control (which you can install now and use for this) you can uninstall via the Remove Package command (ctrl/cmd + shift + p, type in remove package to find)
serena.fritsch@gmail.com cool, thanks, is package control one of the sublime2 extensions on your list above?
Michael T
  • Yep, it's so essential it nearly should be made part of sublime, see https://sublime.wbond.net/installation#st2 for a one liner install. It's like the apt-get of sublime (or chocolatey or homebrew depending on which OS you're using).

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