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1276 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michael Twomey , Vicky Twomey-Lee , Becky 1276 days ago
Vicky T  Projects:
  • newcoder.io
  • Vicky working on 3rd re-iteration of Coding Grace website
  • PyLadies Dublin website
  • Learning Python the Hard Way 
  • Finding python on your path
  • In powershell, type following and hit return
  •     \python
  • Add the result to the end of the user's environment variable.
  • Restart powershell.
  • Go to the directory where your python file is and type the following to execute it
  • python name_of_python_file
  • Fixing a localisation issue in memepie
Michael T Questions
  • ruby and python interoperation
  • One option is to call "python script.py ...args" from the ruby server, needs python + libs + code installed on every server
  • Could call into python flask app from ruby via HTTP
  • The last option would be to write a row in the db and have a python script check for requests in there.
  • Mick in the corner
... is using a laptop with no battery, so can't move far from a power socket, he's not shunning the group :) (He's also looking at moving python.ie onto a new server.)
Vicky T Other stuff
  • (Serena) Aim to have one by end of July (pending venue)
1304 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Vicky Twomey-Lee , Becky 1304 days ago
Vicky T PyLadies Dublin Tuesday May 20th 2014
Held in Twisted Pepper. Beer courtesy of Stone Barrel Brewing. Thanks to Annie from EventBrite for lining everything up!
  • Projects
Some of the projects folks are working on:
  • Web scraping (from newcoder.io)
  • Abandoned in favour of using the Natural Language Toolkit library to build a Markov-chain chatbot
Vicky T
  • Calendaring app
  • Learning python the hard way
  • Random Notes
  • When creating a python package don't forget the __init__.py file
  • When creating a module.py file be careful about naming it the same thing you are trying to import, it'll probably either blow up or act weird (e.g. calling it requests.py and then doing "import requests" inside it).

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